Using the latest diagnostic equipment our qualified team of skilled mechanics provide a full mechanical and electrical repair service.  We also repair all types of power or electric windows on all vehicle types and central locking systems to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

Our mechanical and electrical repair services include:

WOF testing and repairs

You need to renew your warrant of fitness (WOF) every 6 months for vehicles 6 years or older, and every 12 months for newer vehicles. Our mechanics are qualified WOF inspectors. They can perform your WOF inspection and undertake any necessary repairs, quickly and efficiently, saying you time and money.

Many of our customers choose to combine their WOF inspection with their regular service.

Transmission and gear box maintenance and repairs

When your car doesn’t start or turn over, the charging light is coming on or has problems, it might be a problem with your alternator and starting motor.  We use top quality brands and carry out a full diagnostic testing.

Cambelt / Timing belt

Your cambelt/timing belt should be changed every 100,000kms or 5 years, whichever comes first.

We have cambelts/timing belts for all makes and models and can get you vehicle back on the road with minimum delays.


We can diagnose your clutch to see if it needs repair or replacement. Out service includes checking the free play (adjustment) in the clutch cable, adjusting if needed, checking the clutch fluid (hydraulic system) and road testing your vehicle.

CV Joints

CV Joint maintenance is an important part of any routine maintenance checks. If you hear a clicking sound at the rear of your car it might be a CV Joint problem. They can be repaired by removing the axle, cleaning the CV Joint and replacing.


Problems with brakes should never be ignored. If your brakes are squealing, making your car pull to one side, or your steering wheel vibrates, then get your brakes checked. We will test your braking system and make the necessary repairs, ensuring you are safe on the road.

Steering Wheels and Suspension

If your vehicle is pulling to one side when the steering wheel is straight then you need to get it checked. If you hear noises when turning your vehicle you should get your suspension and wheel alignment checked. Leaking or worn shock absorbers can effect breaking and need regular maintenance.

Oil change

Regular oil changes will improve the performance of your vehicle. Even if you haven’t been clocking up the kilometres oil will still degrade, so it is essential to flush out and replace oil as part of your regular service

At Super Cheap Tyres we can change your oil or you can include it as part of one of our bronze, silver or gold service packages.